Kali Malone

▼ Kali Malone is an American music maker living in Sweden since 2012. Using electronics and guitar, she creates a kaleidoscopic sound mass compiled of dense harmonic outbreaks and gestural melodies. She is a member of the audiovisual quartet Hästköttskandalen, as well as the bands Swap Babies, Taxi Taxi, and Imaginary Planet. Kali is currently a student of electroacoustic composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and releasing music on OMA333, Fylkingen Records, and Delicious Demon Records.

Kali Malone https://soundcloud.com/kali-malone
Hästköttskandalen https://vimeo.com/84539644
Swap Babies https://soundcloud.com/swap-babies
Taxi Taxi http://www.itstaxitaxi.com/