Live music: Morbida/Kali Malone

Morbida/Kali Malone
Live at Granata
Via San Carlo 28/D

▼ Kali Malone is an American music maker living in Sweden since 2012. Using electronics and guitar, she creates a kaleidoscopic sound mass compiled of dense harmonic outbreaks and gestural melodies. She is a member of the audiovisual quartet Hästköttskandalen, as well as the bands Swap Babies, Taxi Taxi, and Imaginary Planet. Kali is currently a student of electroacoustic composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and releasing music on OMA333, Fylkingen Records, and Delicious Demon Records.

Kali Malone
Swap Babies
Taxi Taxi

▼ Morbida is tender melodies sculpted in marmoreal drones and utopistic architectures of light and shadow arising from chord progressions and soft vocals.
Morbida’s debut EP has been released on the swedish label Oma333.
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