Sister F

Strictly pure drum’n’bass!

Born in Athens in 1988 and moved to Firenze in 2006 were I discovered and fell in love with the DNB sound and its powerful vibrations. As I wasn’t fully satisfied being just a spectator I decided to start djing in 2011…that’s when I I bought my first decks and vinyls! After spending many hours,days and months exercising I had the chance to play at Ippodromo in Firenze with the guys from Innercity Jungle.In a couple of years I played several times in different clubs like Cargo (Firenze), garage (Firenze), Closer San Salvi (Firenze) with the fellows from Innercity and at Leoncavallo after moving to Milano in 2013.

My sets are strictly on vinyl (like all Innercity Jungle members) exploring deep, liquid, intelligent, neurofunk and Jungle sounds. Always searching for particular and innovative sounds, characterized by different and complicated rythmics and deep bass. What you need is just Love, Drums…and Bass. Keep it real!